Already over 15 years we have been manufacturing bathroom furniture. Sanflor® furniture is known for its superior quality and is well known in the market.
We offer a wide range of contemporary bathroom furniture: all sorts of cabinets, washstands, mirrors. Today we are proud to present 25 exquisite collections under Sanflor®, each of them is unique in style and design. We like to surprise our customers with innovations and novelties and release new collections every year to meet various customer’s needs.
Our furniture is uniquely differentiated in the market due to finishing technologies, which make our products competitively stand out.
Sanflor’s rich portfolio can meet any customer’s demand in style, design and price by offering a wide spectrum of collections with differentiated price points.
«Just in time» is our principle in making to order and across our supply chain, which ensures we are efficient in every stage of manufacturing, storage and distribution. Our production is located in Orel city (380 Km south of Moscow) in the industrial park area with easy access for small and high-tonnage transportation.

Our technologies make your comfort!

Unlimited capacities allow to produce over 400 000 pcs of furniture a year!

Our factory operates on German and Italian equipment which guarantees exception quality and precision. We continuously invest into high-end technologies by expanding our machinery and building new capabilities.
We are a full cycle manufacturer: from developing and designing to assembling, packing and delivering. Our 160 associates are highly experienced and skilled in furniture manufacturing, which minimizes the risk of human error or technical failure. Our Design/Engineering department is at the heart of innovations and continuous improvement.
Sanflor furniture is made of high quality materials and accessories produced by well-known leading supplying companies, we never compromise quality to price and with its quality Sanflor is winning the market.
Production floor of over 12 500 sq.m.:
  • R&D department
  • Cutting
  • Glass plant
  • Assembling
  • Painting
  • Packing and storage
  • FG warehouse
  • Office

Our Certificates

Our certificates confirm high quality standards of Sanflor company.

Company's News

New collection «Tolerdo»

New collection Toledo has just been released before the New 2017 year.

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New light solution

Led-lamps are now available with our Odry, Largo and Mexico furniture.

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Additional feature to our cabinets

In 2017 we are happy offer additional new feature to Sanflor cabinets.

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